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Immersion Mining Rack System compatible with Universal Immersion Mining Enclosures is an easy way to mine silently in the most convenient place with low-cost energy access. This vertical system is designed to solve most of the existing problems in the mining industry: special space for mining, energy usage, performance, heat, noise, electronic equipment failures, fire protection, etc.

With a low 1 sq. meter footprint, 180 cm height, and up to 120kW capacity, Immersion Mining Rack is the densest immersion system in the world. The rack can be placed virtually everywhere, regardless of external conditions. The system allows for silent mining with 40dB virtually silent pumps. Retractable Immersion Mining Enclosures provide easy access to mining equipment. Basic Immersion Mining Rack setup allows users to connect enclosures directly to a facility water loop. The system can be complemented with heat rejection components – 120kW or 240kW Immersion Optimized Dry coolers,  rack manifold, pumping system, tubing, and all other components to create a high-performance, closed heat rejection loop. We ship our racks also with a DCX Monitor – a set of sensors to control temperature and required amount of ThermaSafe R engineered heat transfer fluid.

The rack system can be utilized as a component of scale-out systems – Immersion Mining Containers or Facility installation, creating a multi MW and scalable mining operation.


  • 3 Enclosures

  • Up to 24 Asic Miners

  • +120kW in 1 sq. meter!


Now Only


Complete entry scale-out system for 24 x s19 or 36 Whatsminers. A rack frame, 3 Immersion Enclosures, 120kW Dry Cooler, Pumping group, everything you need is included.


Heat Transfer Capacity120kW
General constructionAll-steel with alu frame
Dielectric Fluid3x 200-230L
Heat RejectionWater loop or 120kW Drycooler
Max temperature68C/154F
Power DistributionDedicated switchgear
MonitoringTemperature Sensors and Software

Immersion Mining Rack – Q1 2021 update

Q1 2012 update – what’s new in our Immersion Systems portfolio. Improved rack frame, enclosure v3, new switchgear racks, new “black boxes”, and the new 120kW immersion optimized dry coolers.

Immersion Mining Rack System – the guide

Features and accessories of the new DCX Immersion Mining Rack. Immersion Optimized Dry cooler, “black box” and enclosure switchgear.

Installation & Startup of Immersion Mining Rack

How to install 120kW Immersion Mining System in 25 minutes. Rack frame, Enclosures connection, Black box configuration, connecting to the dry cooler, filling the loop.

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Get your custom quote sized to your needs:

We need basic information required to size the DCX Immersion Mining system correctly:

  • type and number of ASIC miners or GPUs
  • expected miners power
  • your plan for heat rejection – we can deliver immersion optimized
  • dry cooler or connection to local water loop
  • city / country of your operation – to make sure w will deliver
  • expected performance in your maximum ambient temperature and to quote shipping cost.

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We’d love to help you in your project with our liquid cooling systems.

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