From single enclosure..

Easy to set up, easy to use. Single loop system to hold small scale mining operation. From 18 miners to 70 GPU. complete
rack system

Rack system with 54 miners and + 70kW capacity. Expansion for Universal Crypto Enclosure
and building block for container solutions.

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Immersion liquid cooling system
for crypto mining operators.

Reliable and affordable liquid cooling solution providing energy savings, unparallel hashrate increase and complete noise, dust and fire protection.

All-steel & fits more miners

We deliver large, all steel enclosures and industrial grade hydraulic components. It’s investment for years. No small & cheap plastic tanks or pvc pipes.

– 30% energy, + 60% Hashrate

Overclocking and fine tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 60% more hashrate. No fans in facility or miners results in less energy wasted.

Safe & easy to install

Designed with simplicity and safe operation in mind. System deployment is as easy as assembling an IKEA kit. We provide full support for any scale.

Noiseless Hassle-free Mining

Immersion in the liquid fully protects from temperature, humidity, dust and vibration or fire. No fans = no noise, more profit, less downtime & less maintenance.

ILC Universal Enclosure

All steel, only plug & play complete mining system on the market. HODLs up to 6 mining rigs with 12 gpu’s each (total 72), or 18 standard S9/G32-500 asic miners, or 8 x S17 type miners or 15 Obelisk servers.

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Up to 72 GPUs

6 mining rigs with 12 gpu’s each to total number of 72 GPU’s

Fits 18 (!) miners

fits 18 standard S9 /G32-500 single stack miners 

+24kW Heat Transfer

Standard 2L/min flow can transfer easily +24kW

NOW ONLY €1241
or $1384

€1660 $1850 25% less


All steel, industrial grade, large immersion enclosure. Building block for rack and container systems. Universal ILC Mining Enclosure allows for efficient heat exchange vectoring the flow of proprietary engineered liquid through the GPU’s, mainboards, Asic miners and power supplies. Then hot 60C/140F fluid is directed to conformal outflow chamber to prevent of coolant mixing and to enable best possible heat extraction.

Enclosure is equipped with two high flow couplings that guarantee high flow of hot coolant. In any configuration UNI Enclosure removes effectively 100% of usually wasted heat and allows for virtually silent mining in any place with 70x60x60 space. Closed lid allows to safely transport the system to convenient location with low power cost.  We will also deliver according to your needs – needed amount of coolant for desired length of NBR tubing, so you will be able to locate heat exchanger in most convenient area. Durable, spacious, not small or plastic temporary baths.

Everything is pre-assembled. You just need to unpack / position / connect 2 provided tubes between UNI enclosure and LHX, fill it and you are ready to start your operation. Universal ILC Enclosure Set consist of:
  • Universal ILC Enclosure with cover / spacing crate and outflow chamber baffle.
  • Continuous Duty Pumping subsystem (pump /tubing /hydraulics hardware/PLC driver/electric connection)
  • LHX – liquid to air heat exchanger / drycooler with industrial grade fans
  • 10m tubing and electric cable to connect UNI Enclosure with LHX heat exchanger.
  • 120L of ThermaSafe Engineered Heat Transfer Fluid

12x Single Stack with PSU

Antminer S9 K / SE

18x Single Stack no PSU

Innosilicon G32 500 / Antminer S9

9x Single Stack with PSU

Whatsminer M20s

6-8x Double Stack with PSU

Antminer S17PRO / T17 and E versions / Innosilicon T3

15 x 1U Server Miner

Obelisk SC1 Immersion type or any 50cm deep server

8x Double Stack no PSU

8x Innosilicon G32 1800 / Antminer Z11

Investment for years. Large enclosures, big enough to hold 25-30kW of mining power, but convenient to fit anywhere or to be used in rack system. Designed to fit different configurations:

  • 18x Innosilicon G32-500 / A10/ Antminer S9 / Ebang Ebit E11, any single stack miner no PSU

  • 9x Whatsminer M20s single stack with PSU

  • 8x Innosilicon G32 1800 double stack no PSU

  • 6-8x Antminer S17PRO/T17 /+ double stack with PSU

  • 10-11x Antminer S9k single stack with PSU

  • 15x Obelisk SC1 Immersion, miner server

ILC Enclosure Rack

Immersion Liquid Cooling Rack System that holds 54 miners delivered with 3 Universal ILC Enclosures and all components. Vertical placement of sliding-out enclosures provides easy maintenance and best density on the market.

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3 Universal Enclosures

3 (standalone) or 4 (container) level vertically installed Uni Enclosures.

up to 54 Asic Miners

From 18 to 54 Asic Miners. From 6 to 18 GPU rigs with 216 GPU’s.

+70kW in 1 meter!

Over 70kW or more in 1 square meter area.

NOW ONLY €5379
or $5977

€8820 $9800 40% less


Immersion Liquid Cooling Rack System compatible with Universal ILC Enclosures is a easy way to mine silently in most convenient place with low-cost energy access. This vertical system is designed to solve most of the existing problems in mining industry: special space for mining, energy usage, performance, heat, noise, electronic equipment failures, fire protection etc.

With low 1 sq. meter footprint for 40-70 or more kW capacity, ILC Rack  can be placed virtually everywhere regardless of external conditions. Rack system allows for silent mining with active pumps being placed near drycooler outside.

Retractable Universal Enclosures provides an easy access to mining equipment. ILC Rack is equipped with complete set needed to mine safely: drycoolers, pumping system, tubing, monitoring system, and required amount of ThermaSafe engineered heat transfer fluid. Rack system can be utilised as component of Mobile Mining Container for more scalable mining operation.

ILC Rack System Set consist of:

  • Immersion Cooling Rack System
  • 3 Universal ILC Enclosures with covers / spacing crate and outflow chamber baffles.
  • 3x Continuous Duty Pumping subsystem (pump /tubing /hydraulics hardware/PLC driver/electric connection)
  • 3x LHX – liquid to air heat exchanger / drycooler with industrial grade fans
  • Complete 10m tubing to connect UNI Enclosures with LHX heat exchanger.
  • 360L of ThermaSafe Engineered Heat Transfer Fluid

ThermaSafe™ Engineered Fluid

Dielectric, odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco friendly and safe HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid). Designed specifically for crypto mining operations, compatible with most ASIC, GPU and electronic equipment.

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1600x better

HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) has 1600x better thermal capacity  than aircooling.

Fire protection

ThermaSafe HTF is biodegradable, not flammable per OSHA, and has zero GPW.

5 to 10Y product life

Long product lifespan for 5 up to 10 years of mining operation.

Our proprietary dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid is compatible with electronic components. compatible with most hardware will not degrade equipment as fluorochemical fluid or transformer oil, but improve lifespan of the miners. Single phase liquid transports 100% of heat outside of enclosure and protects devices from harsh environment and failure mechanisms including high temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion, dust – major causes of electronic failures. Reduces thermal expansion cycling, maintains constant temperature,eliminates airborne contaminants and failures due to zinc and tin whisker growth. Replacing fans with fan emulating circuit means silent mining, less maintenance and more uptime.

Using medium with 1600 x better heat capacity and 4.5x better heat conductivity than air, you can pack your equipment in very dense manner saving space and
Additionally all miner components are cooled evenly so there are not hot spots which effect in fire risk. ThermaSafe™ works also as fire suppressant making sure you are protected even in remote mining operation.

We supply our customers with:

  • Custom volumes in 20L containers
  • 208L ThermaSafe™ Drum
  • 1000L ThermaSafe™ IBC Caged Tote
  • ThermaSafe™ pre-cleaners and solvents

ILC Mobile Mining Container

Based on Universal ILC Enclosures stacked in our ILC Rack System provides unmatched density up to 2688 GPU cards or 560 standard asic miners in 20ft HC Container.

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Fits 1000 miners

HODL’s up to 224 rigs with 2680 gpu’s or 560 standard S9/A9/Z9 asic miners

Mine everywhere

Mine close to standard, solar, hydro power plants exploiting excess or renewable energy.

Remote operation.

Engineered fluid protects your miners from harsh environment. Maintenance and operation without the risk.

Most of industry crypto mining endeavours brings significant challenges. Power usage, limited possibility for overclocking, low reliability, huge noise, enormous amount of heat that requires specific location with low ambient temp, large space to space out hot devices and monumental masses of air pushed through systems. Dust, vibrations and humidity degrade already low MTBF.

Small but dense Immersion Mobile Crypto Mining Units as this patent pending 20ft high cube containerised system with immersion liquid cooling technology is the answer for all the problems that bothers industry sized cryptocurrency mining farms.

Based on our Universal ILC Enclosures Modular stacked in our ILC Rack System protect the electronic equipment from high temperature, humidity, dust and vibration – main causes of electronic equipment failures. Unmatched density of over 2688 GPU cards or 560 standard asic miners in 20ft container space allows to safely transport the system to convenient location with low power cost and convenient legal framework.

ILC Mobile Mining Unit components:

  • Custom equipped 20ft High Cube ISO Container
  • Custom painting and identification.
  • Internal rack system with 7+7 ILC Racks 
  • 3 level set of 42 Universal ILC Enclosures (21+21) or 4 level set of 56 Enclosures (28+28) 
  • CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit).
  • 8 to 10 cubic meter of ThermaSafe™ Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Power / Electrical wiring
  • AR Monitoring & Management System 
  • CCTV & Access System

AR Monitoring & Management Software

Monitoring & management software for ILC Rack and Container systems. Monitors and records every aspect of your operation.

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Power & Voltage

Monitors and logs Power and voltage of single or three-phase systems

Fluid Control

Monitoris & records fluid supply and return temperatures, flow and heat transfer capacity.

Alarms & Logs

Availability, and performance monitoring & recording. Alerts and reports for better management.

Remotely manage and monitor your crypto mining operation complementary to mining statistics & devices monitoring system.

AR Monitoring & Management software monitors every aspect of your Immersion Cooling System in Rack or Container scale. We monitor power, HTF fluid supply and return temperatures, flow, pressure, pump status, heat transfer level, alarms etc. User can easily locate & avoid any issues proactively. Application is available in hosted version, standalone installation and in mobile app for your convenience. Installed in minutes.

This custom-developed centralized system saves time and allows for hassle free, unified remote operation of your mining farm. Log & event management allows to create custom procedures as required by your specific mining location and application.

Features & Competitive Advantages

There is no better cooling system for crypto mining operation on the market. Period.

Supports all crypto mining hardware

Standard UNI Enclosure is able to sustain crypto mining hardware including gpu rigs and asic miners. Each Universal ILC Enclosure will accommodate 6 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each , or 18 standard S9 / G32-500 / A10 ASIC miners. That results in 72 gpu’s / 18 miners in one UNI Enclosure. Stacking up enclosures to 2/3 levels stack will effect in 216 GPUs or 54 miners in less than 1 square meter. That’s best you can get!

More performance. Smaller bills.

Numbers are impressive – 30% less electricity bills with PUE of 1.05 – most of the fans can be removed and system cools miners a long with PSU’s. Liquid cooling systems allows for overclocking and fine tuning with custom firmware which effects in 20% more hashrate with hardware and software optimisation. Additionally most users get up to 10% more shares from stability.

Silent, low profile mining

One aisc miner generates the noise of 75dB all day and night. With small farm of 2-4 rigs or asic miners its unbearable 24/7. Specific location is needed. Miners must be spaced out and placed in relatively cold place. Air must be filtered and vented which means expenditures for fans, air conditioning, location, filters. With our immersion liquid cooling you will be able mine quietly from your own place or from area with most convenient power. Placing 72 GPUs or 18 asic miners in the box with dimensions less than 70x60x60 solves all the problems. Simple as that.

Sustainable Heat Reuse

Sustainability is the key. Proprietary engineered fluid extracts 100% of the heat from ICT or Blockchain infrastructure. Hot 60*C/140*F liquid can be #reused for local community or office heating. This Containerised mobile system can be located close to solar or hydroelectric or biomass power plants to use excess energy or waste/biomass and power up the infrastructure with PUE close to 1.01 and virtually 0 carbon footprint.

Works everywhere!

Our systems are designed and built to operate at remote locations near energy sources such as solar plants, wind turbines or hydropower plants. Immersion cooling isolates equipment completely from outside air. System works flawlessly even in hot climate with high ambient temperatures being real alternative for remote mining. We eliminated all mechanical parts that require frequent replacement. Only active subsystems: pumps, have industrial grade MTBF.

Accessing cheap or excess energy.

From Universal Immersion Enclosure through ILC Rack to Mobile Mining Container – you can operate at remote locations and use low-priced  energy directly at the source. This allows us to position or migrate your mining farm in regions with a competitive supply or overcapacity of energy – negotiate smart with green energy providers worldwide: solar plants, wind turbines or hydropower plants.

Cutting edge immersion liquid cooling

We have designed, developed and tested a radically new, self-regulating liquid cooling system specifically designed for the blockchain mining industry. This patent-pending cooling solution achieves a best-in-class energy efficiency with a consumption of only ~1% of the system’s total energy consumption.

Less repairs, more uptime!

Engineered fluid is compatible with 95% of the mining systems we were able to check for material compatibility. This system will guarantee improved MTBF through the whole lifecycle of the mining infrastructure. Systems immersed in the liquid are completely protected from high temperature, humidity, dust and vibration. All that results in immediate increase in miners MTBF and elimination of a majority of scheduled maintenance.

Plug and Mine

Ready to use, delivered with everything required, “plug and mine” solution for every individual that goes pro with 2-3-4 miners or mining rigs. UNI Enclosure is also main component for scale up solutions with 10-20-40 enclosures in our custom racks.  Everything is included whether it is single UNI enclosure or whole rack system. It will work flawlessly even in hot climate with high ambient temperature.

Unprecedented density and mobility!

MMU / MCU may be equipped with up to 72 Universal ILC Enclosures. Each Universal ILC Enclosure will accommodate6 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each, or 18 standard S9 / G32-500 / A10 ASIC miners. That results in 2680 gpu’s or 560 asic miners capacity in 20′ High Cube ISO container space! This provides biggest density in industry without losing ICO compliance – you are still able to transport your container everywhere you need.

Custom or large system? You Need Scale-Up Or Specific Solution? We Will Help In Any Scale.

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