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This is the most exciting product release we’ve all been anticipating for the last few months. A small but nonetheless effective liquid cooling enclosure for a small amount of miners – BitPod!

Just starting your mining business with just a couple of ASICs and don’t want to invest in a bigger tank? Want to test our liquid cooling solutions on smaller scale before going big? BitPod is here for you! Designed to hold only 1-2x S19 Antminers / 4x M30s Whatsminers or about 10x GPUs, this tank provides up to 14kW of heat rejection in 35C environment. Quiet, safe, compact and highly effective, BitPod can serve as a small heat pump, providing various heat reuse possibilities for your home mining operations. Using the power of your miners to heat a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, floors or even a greenhouse is not only smart, but also ecological.


  • 4 Whatsminers or 2 s19 Antminers!

  • 15 kW heat transfer!

  • Heat a swimming pool or home!


Now Only


DCX Bitpod Home Immersion Mining system with 66L of Thermasafe R dielectric fluid. A complete system for a heat reuse application


DCX Bitpod technical specification:

Hosting capacity 3 MicroBt M56/66 Whatsminer | 2 Bitmain S19 / 21XP IMM Immersion Antminer | 2 x Canaan Avalon 14xx / 15xx miner
Heat Transfer Capacity+20kW
Heat RejectionSingle loop (oil cooler), dual loop (heat exchanger for home heating / dry cooler), pool (pool heat exchanger)
MonitoringHigh-Res color LCD, inlet & outlet temp. sensors | Remote web based temperature, performance, status control & notification | API for data exchange
Dielectric Fluid66L
Fluid In / Out[°C]60 / 40
General constructionAll-steel internal enclosure with heat isolation covers
Power Standard230-240V 1Ph 50/60 Hz (120V 60hz with optional transformer)
Pump system & ConnectionsIndustrial circulation pump | Optional plate heat exchanger (1" DN25 connection) | Optional pool heat exchanger (1 1/2" | 6/4" | DN40 connection)
Dimensions500(W)x480(D)x500(H) mm
Weightapprox 50 kg / 100 lbs dry | 100 kg / 200 lbs filled

DCX ICP15 Adaptive Cooling / Pumping System technical specification:

Heat Transfer 35°C15.87 kW
Heat Transfer 25°C21 kW
Dimensions875 x 460 x 665 cm
Fans & Noise2x 500 mm / 58-62dB(A)
Power (max)Fan: 380W 50hz (1.7A) | 480W 60hz (2.1A) | Pump 185W (0.8A)
Power Standard230-240V/1Ph/50/60 Hz
Pump system & Fittings160 lpm / 42 GPM / 1" DN25
Fluid In / Out[°C]60 / 40
Weight40 kg dry
Weight40 kg dry

Quick intro

Unboxing of the Immersion Enclosure package and quick intro to the system components.

What you get – bundle

Enclosure with a 40kW dry cooler. We have a new ICP40 now, but you see what you get in the bundle package.

Installation & Startup

You bought the package – now what? Quick installation guide for effective commissioning of this smart immersion cooling system.

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Get your custom quote sized to your needs:

We need basic information required to size the DCX Immersion Mining system correctly:

  • type and number of ASIC miners or GPUs
  • expected miners power
  • your plan for heat rejection – we can deliver immersion optimized
  • dry cooler or connection to local water loop
  • city / country of your operation – to make sure w will deliver
  • expected performance in your maximum ambient temperature and to quote shipping cost.

Get in Touch

We’d love to help you in your project with our liquid cooling systems.

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