Immersion Enclosure + Dielectric Fluid Bundle


Immersion Enclosure with ThermaSafe Dielectric Fluid, Switchgear box, and Temperature Monitor / Sensor – ready to connect to facility loop.

Most that started crypto-mining at home or business, know that cryptocurrency mining is getting harder. The rising difficulty, huge power consumption, very loud noise, a massive amount of heat, the large footprint of spaced-out devices, dust, vibration, and humidity, regular maintenance of fouled miners, no possible way to overclock already hot devices, low reliability, and frequent repairs. All that means downtime and makes crypto mining inefficient and painful. This is why we created Universal Immersion Mining Enclosures.

DCX Mining Enclosure v3 is a “plug and mine” system, available for every individual that goes pro with more devices, or for small-medium-large mining operators. Immersion cooling with Thermasafe – single-phase, material-compatible dielectric engineered fluid solves all the above issues. Immersion Mining Enclosure HODL’s up to 72-100 GPU’s , or 8 of S19/S17 miners, or 12 M3x Whatsminers. Enclosure protects the electronic equipment from high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration – the main causes of electronic equipment failures and makes mining convenient without high pitch noise of multiple miners.  The single enclosure is a building block of all of our solutions and can be scaled to a complete rack or multiple rack system.

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